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The Dipan Spa Couture

THE DIPAN SPA at the The Dipan Resort features four treatment rooms, including a romantic couples suite. Our luxurious spa provides guests with the perfect rejuvenating complement to the island’s abundance of outdoor activities. To make a spa appointment email us at



Aromatic Traditional Balinese Massage
60/90 minutes
Rp. 300.000/Rp. 385.000

This traditional healing massage has been passed down for generations throughout Bali. It is an ever
present part of the islands spiritual and physical beauty and has been crafted to relieve stress and tension in
the body. This experience is both relaxing and therapeutic utilizing both thumb pressure and skin rolling.
The Balinese use massage as a therapeutic experience from the moment of birth. Take advantage of this
cultural ritual with a traditional Balinese massage using aromatic oils.

Signature Body Massage
60/90 minutes
Rp. 385.000/425.000

A massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. Movement
is slower and pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain.

Asian Dry Massage
60 minutes
Rp. 320.000

This oil free massage focuses on pressure points and energetic channels throughout the body to relieve
muscle tension, detoxify the blood and restore the natural flow of qi or “vital energy”. Enjoy the best
massage techniques Asia has to offer. Using a combination of Shiatsu, soft tissue pressure, stretching, and
joint manipulations flowing harmoniusly.

Cleansing Back Therapy
60 minutes
Rp. 350.000

This complete back treatment helps remove dead cells from the skin’s surface, purify pores and leaves skin
soft, conditioned and clean. A must treatment for the most neglected area of the body.

60 minutes
Rp. 240.000

Based on the deep rooted theory that the feet are reflections of the entire body, this traditional therapy
allows the whole body to be accessed through the soles. This natural form of healing has stood the test of
time, is the firm but gentle massage and manipulation of reflexes in the feet to regain or retain its natural
state of health.

Muscle Relief Foot Massage
60 minutes
Rp. 240.000

This luxurious and healing treatment will alleviate tired feet and legs, creating a feeling of restoration from
head to toe. Wonderful after a day of shopping or a flight.


Body Cleansing Scrubs
30 minutes

Seasalt scrubs

Choose from any of our custom blended sea salt scrubs. Enjoy our aromatic blends while your skin benefits
from the unique mineral composition and exfoliating power of this gift from the sea.

A unique blend of organically grown oats, ground coconut, coconut milk, yoghurt and cinnamon, this
energizing body scrub will leave you feeling stimulated and invigorated. Good for sensitive skin.

Coffee is a natural and effective way to combat cellulite. With caffeine’s natural ability to stimulate and
increase blood flow and improve.

A choice of blend for Kaolin with Orange & Mandarin Essential Oils – Tones & Softens the skin (Pink
kaolin: sensitive and dry skin. Yellow kaolin: for normal skin) or Mud wrap.